A unique new fruit, jam-packed with flavor from succulent cherries and delectable plums.


Verry Cherry Plum

The Verry Cherry Plum is a unique new fruit that’s jam-packed with flavor from some of your favorite cherries and plums. We grow the Verry Cherry Plum in the heart of California’s bountiful San Joaquin Valley in orchards specifically reserved for these special Cherry Plums. The fruit is a delicious natural cross between several varieties of plums and cherries, including Bing and Stella cherries, just to name a few.

With the succulent crunch of a cherry and on-the-go simplicity of a plum, it’s no wonder the Verry Cherry Plum is a hit with customers of all ages. Parents can pack this scrumptious stonefruit in kids’ school lunchboxes or even take a few with them to work. Gourmet chefs and home cooks alike enjoy using the versatile Verry Cherry Plum in recipes for pies, fruit salads, jams and more.

Harvest begins in late June or early July each year, and quantities are limited — make sure to get them before they’re gone!

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Our season is generally from the end of June until August. The Verry Cherry plum is a natural summer fruit, so it’s not available year round.

The Verry Cherry Plum is not intended for home gardeners, it requires cross pollination and expert arborist skills to be able to produce fruit with the flavor you love. For that reason we are unable to sell the trees.

The Verry Cherry Plum gets its unique flavor from a natural cross between several varieties of plums and cherries, including Bing and Stella cherries. The Verry Cherry Plum is Non-GMO Project verified.

Most of our Verry Cherry Plums are not grown organically, however we do have some that are available organically grown in distinct packaging that states ORGANIC.

We do not ship or sell directly to consumers, please contact your local stores for availability.

Everyone has their own opinion, ours is they taste like a Verry Cherry Plum! They have a unique plum flavor with the added texture and crunch and sweetness from their cherry parentage.

You can plant the seed and you may get a seedling, but you won’t get the same fruit as the Verry Cherry Plum, if you get any fruit at all.  The Verry Cherry Plum is not self-fertile and requires specific pollination.

We do not recommend freezing the Verry Cherry Plum, the freezing temperatures will break down the cell walls and cause the fruit to brown.

We do not deliver directly to consumers, please reach out to your local stores for availability.  You may be able to use your local grocer’s home delivery service or a third party service like Instacart or Shipt.

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